Io without Jupiter Picture

My new Danny Phantom fan-character, Io.

Io is the reincarnation of the original Greek nymph of the same name. Her body is very very young, but considering she's got the original Io's spirit inside her, she's over 700 years old. o.X! (hehe. talk about dating older women, eh, Danny? LMAO) thus making her a halfa-but-not.

She is the 7th of 9 Maidens of the order of the Ghost Zone Nymphs. (which is funny cos they spend most of their time in forests and meadows on Earth- they consider the Ghost Zone way too dark!)

She doesn't fight much, usually runs and hides -- but when she's POed, look out. Strong wind storms, breaking stones, and blasts of wildflower petals along with the winds are signs of her power. (she's an Earth nymph, so she doesn't use ectoplasmic blasts much.)

She believes Danny is an important ghost-boy prince and tends to call him "Prince". XD (much to his embarrassment.)

Io, her story and art (c) Janna C 2005. MOI. not you. shoo.
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