Asen: Prince of Envy Picture

I'm not thoroughly sure of the mythos of the world that this entire party of horned clergy belongs to, but I have figured out a few things.

All the gods in their mythos have horns, and it is believed that a long time ago, humans lost their horns. Priests wear horns in order to show that they work in the name of gods and to show they are closer to gods.

The pantheon is pretty big, which each clergyperson being able to represent one god. Though many choose to represent and worship multiple gods. Though, that doesn't mean that they are excluded from doing good deeds that fall out line with their chosen gods. Good deeds are to be performed by all those in the church, even though who are said to represent far more devious and evil of the pantheon.

I'm also thinking about making their mythos based upon Christianity's demons/angels with mixes of Norse and Shinto.

Anyways, I'd like to think that Asen is a representative of multiple gods. The god of envy and whatever else that said god does, and the goddess of love. Asen fits the envy part, because he is rather jealous of Murun being in a relationship with the head of their temple, Frauden.

I've changed up Asen's design a little bit. Mostly in colors and designs, though. Not much else has changed.

Asen is one of the few temple people I have draw without a weapon. While I have two others who are not drawn with their respective weapons (these two others being like... super high priests in a large city) Asen is actually proficient in martial arts and magic. His proficiency in both is about equal, actually. He also infuses his attacks with magic. This is an added punch to the fact he wears those extremely high wooden sandals to not only add to his height, but to make his kicks even more painful.

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