Tyrranux Universe Nemesis Picture

GODDESS; Divine Retribution
SYMBOL; Sword and Skull
WEAPON; Vengeance (Technorganic Body)
VOICE OVER; Grey DeLisle (Mandy)
THEME SONG; Dethklok "Thunderhorse"

Rhamnousia, Invidia, Nemesis, call her whatever you wish it will still send shivers down your spine to mention her. The living enbodiment of the wrath of Olympus built under Zeus' command by Hephaestus [link], her only reason for being is to deliver the very wrath of Olympus upon those who shun the Gods with such hubris and heresy. With her body able to take on any form of nightmarish weapon she can imagine she is all too willing to sink her claws into as many heretics as she can......or at least she did until the fallen hero Hercules [link], after suffering the loss of Megara, took it upon himself to break one of the Olympian's favorite toys...

Turning to another godlike being outside the Olympian pantheon, Hercules wrote himself a divine contract that he then used to trick the dark goddess saying he was giving her the gift of possession (the only ability she's always covetted but was denied by her creators). But by signing the contract, Nemesis' soul was cast out of her physical being which now had a poweful seal that kept ANY soul out of it, now she is only able to carry on her duties by possessing mortals temporarily at a time.

Worse yet she is forced to endure the company of the imp Yoshurobi, the very watchful eye that is to keep an eye on her and make sure she stays without her body as prior to the contract she signed, for her to reclaim her body would violate the terms Hercules himself had wrote. By the terms written Nemesis represented all of Olympus and for her to violate the contract terms would be a declaration of war by the Olypians against the binders of the contract.

In the end, Nemesis has never stopped hunting Hercules, in between carrying out orders by the Olympians she has sought him out trying to make the fallen hero's life hell. But never has she succeeded. All that remains is to try and kill him...in the most painful and horrific way possible...


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