NirVanA Bestiary: 01 Picture

since my story is based on religion and whatnot, i thought i'd make a bestiary of the creatures in the NirVanA universe... most of the creature are gonna be of biblical origin, but the rest are based on mythological beings...
the Banshee:
originally from irish mythology... said to be a female faerie (spirit) that wails to warn of an upcoming death in a certain family... if many are gathered, death is to upon someone great or holy... their importance in NirVanA is the same as the folklore... but they appear to anyone who will lose someone close to them... they appear in all three installments...

the Adlet:
originally from inuit mythology... said to be the spawn of a human women and a red dog... they thirst for blood and are savages... their role in NirVanA is pretty much the same, but they travel in packs... much like wolves... they play a small role and only appear in the first installment... nevertheless, they are a force not to be reckoned with...
this is just two of the many creature in NirVanA... there are much bigger and more fierce creatures coming soon... but for now, i'mma leave a list of creatures that'll be in the bestiary...

the Ajatar
the Níðhöggr
the Yuki-onna
the Doppelgänger
the Roc
the Basilisk
the seven deadly sins (Luxuria, Gula, Avaritia, Acedia, Ira, Invidia, and Superbia)
the Ziz

for now that'll do... but i need help with more creatures... so if anyone actually reads all this and isn't bored, can they suggests some material? please?
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