Kai the mermaid. Picture

Another oc for a game I fell in love with, Kid Icarus Uprising. I loved the characters, the story, the worlds~ It's an awesome game, okay? So I made an Fc/Oc for it~ Had to research on mermaid mythology in ancient greek but it was worth it~

So some info about Kai...

Name: Kai
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'0
Weight: 115 lb
Voice Actor: Rena Strober.

General Personality:

Motherly | Dependent/ Needy | Soft Hearted | Directionless | Admirer | Easily Impressed | Trusting/ Naive | Sarcastic | Reclusive | Sensitive |


Humans: Her opinion of humans isn't exatcly high. After being captured by pirates and almost killed, her opinion of them has dropped drastically. However after turning into a human and living amongst them for three years, her opinion has changed

Palutena: She has actually met the goddess a few times, thanks to Pit, and she really likes her. She's waaay different from Viridi, whom she has actually met before Palutena. She has heard a lot about Palutena before actually meeting her and Kai thought that maybe the humans and Pit were just being too praiseful. However she was proved wrong after meeting her, Palutena is actually very nice and not at all high and mighty like Kai thought she would really be like.

Pit: She adores this angel boy and his upbeat personality. They get along pretty well. She actually looks up to him, due to him taking on the underworld army by himself and Pit always tells her about his adventures. However, like everyone else in the game, she as well enjoys teasing him from time to time. Another thing she absolutely loves about him are his wings. She enjoys petting them and gently playing with them, often commenting that they're beautiful and fluffy.

Viridi: Viridi was the very first goddess she met and she was the one ( along with Poseidon) who helped Kai gain her human legs. She does understand Viridi's point about the humans and often agrees with her. However after gaining her human legs for about three years, her opinion has changed and now she does clash a bit with her. She's closer to her then she is to Palutena.

Dark Pit: She actually met him first and met Pit afterwards. She was extremely curious about him the first time they met, especially in his wings and all the shiny accesories he had on.
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