Medusa Picture

This print was part of my senior thesis show called ΟΛΥΜΠΟΣ (Translated: Olympus).

With this series, I wanted to combine two loves of mine: artistic nude photography and Greek mythological stories. There was a time in my younger life when I was fixated with these stories, their characters, and their lessons…and I wanted to revisit that period.

For the main, better-known characters, it was relatively easy to convey them in portrait.

What about the “B-List Celebrities” of the time though? They are lesser known compared to others, and their characters are usually just part of a bigger story, a bigger lesson. The hard part, of course, is trying to convey these stories that have been told for hundreds and hundreds of years, in a single strong image. Rather than doing that, I thought it important to show the single, most important turning point in their myth; Pandora about to open the box, Icarus’s fall from the sky, etc. These frozen moments in time are what made this character become famous, for good or for bad.

-- This series is a work in progress, as I want to continue this for a while by doing more characters in the future. --

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