Derek : Sprite Picture

Name: Derek “Icarus” Fauer
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Strife: TENTAFLAMESWORDkind (you managed to alchemize a sword, tentacle, and flamethrower and make some kind of bizarre sword type thing with a living tentacle)
Specibus/Fetch Modus: RUNEkind
Chumhandle: abyssalTerror
Planet: Land of Castles and Seas
Dreamer: Derse
Description: fairly short, for a teenage boy, only about 5’6” and sort of thin, his hair is light dirty blonde and flips up at the bangs and sides, thick and messy in the back
Typing: types with basically perfect syntax and grammar, only capitalizing M, Y, T, and H due to his love of mythology
Info: Your name is DEREK FAUER and you have a love for all things FANTASY, MYTHOLOGICAL, or GODLY. You really enjoy READING and WRITING, and sometimes you even find yourself DRAWING MADE-UP CHARACTERS. You fancy yourself as higher and more divine than others, but this isn’t actually true. Which sucks.
You really enjoy EGYPTIAN mythology, and prototyped your SPRITE with a statue of ANUBIS you had lying around, and then a TENTACLE. So, you tend to call him TENTANUBIS. Oh, you almost forgot, you really love HORRORTERRORS and are teaching yourself the ELDRITCH TONGUE. It’s a long and greuling process but you can’t wait to speak it.
You also kind of like CATS, since they’re more agile and independent than DOGS, but you don’t let anyone know. You also kind of keep secret the fact YOU’RE IN LOVE WITH ONE OF YOUR BEST BROS, but it’s mutual. He’s the one to nickname you ICARUS, a name you find almost fitting for yourself. You think. Anyway, you’re into ROMANCE as well, and tend to try and understand the ASPECTS of TROLL ROMANCE and their HEMOSPECTRUM as to quench your thirst for TRUTH. You’re into knowing pretty much everything.
TROLLING is something that comes naturally to you, since you think yourself a GOD, and feel that everyone else in the universe(s) is STUPID. Hey, it’s hard being a god. It’s hard and no one understands. This makes your language BLUNT, HARSH, but sometimes, you HELP. Rarely. Though you’re a DOUCHE, you do genuinely care for your friends, even if you show it in the weirdest ways.

Homestuck and base (C) Hussie
Derek (C) ME
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