Aarow Ridgeway Picture

Aarow Ridgeway is one of my characters for my upcomming Proboards RRG for Natural Born Conspiracy, which is based on and off of mythological beings and entitys from around the world and from seperate cultures!

She is the hot headed daughter of Ares, Greek God of Warfare, Bloodshead and Courage. Knowing this stepping into a fight with her is kamikaze, automatic beatdown on a humiliating scale for th idiot who decided to fight her. But deep down she has a very peaceful nature, often hiding away in Ashburrow Park to meditate. Ah, if only she retained her peaceful nature . . . but her best friend's Batzniz, Natalia, Mathis and Icarus tend to drive her crazy sometimes. Alas . . . that's what she gets for hanging out with half-demons and their guardians.

All in all this took me, mabye 30 minutes to draw but I'm considering coloring it. It might look better colored.
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