Rock on, Prometheus Picture

This started, as most of my drawings do, as a mindless doodle.

Now, to be true to the greek mythology, prometheus would not have had wings, but he DID have a vulture eatign his intestines all day every day. So i suppose its kind of like a melding of those two part sof his myth.

plus it just looks cool

Of course, you must have noticed that he is 'throwing up the horns.' Because of this, I think I need to start a Rock band (hair metal, if at all possible) just to use this as the album cover

*edit 9/1/06* Funny how the major genre shift in my musical inclinations can be pin pointed to one drawing of mine. All Rock bands need a bondage angel album, this would work nicely. I'd compare it to Led Zeppelin's use of Apollo (it isn't Icarus, kids) Also I'd at the time grown a fondness for angels, but more on that later.
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