The Joker Picture

The Joker is a man who must question the makings of his society, instead of blindly succumbing to conformity as the other cards have. He is drowning, weighed down by his own insight on mundane reality and its inescapability. He watches as new generations enter a society where a thirst for knowledge has morphed into an arrogance. Icarus, a man who, according to Greek Mythology, attempted to fly to the sun with wings made of wax, is included in the piece to express how this man's infamous downfall as a result of his arrogance reflects the future that the Joker predicts for his own society. The composition of the piece suggests a lifecycle; there is birth, maturity and exploration, the intervention of fate (a person is dealt the cards of life) and finally death. This is used to express the way in which, despite the gradual enlightenment during the lifecycle, excessive conformity and society's lust for progress will always remain inescapable.
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