Deus Ex AI VOCALOID Daedalus Picture

The final image of thatDeus Ex/VOCALOID crossover sketch that I drew as a way of parodying the Deus Ex AIs into VOCALOID that many fans are used to see loads of Miku Hatsume fanart pieces somewhere on this site.

If you want to know the technical stuff and/or how did this stupid idea came about, I suggest you look into here.

And now, my stupid fan description:

Age: Big secret as only [creator] Morgan Everett of the Illuminati knows, though he looks around somewhere in his late teens, early twenties at that range.
Height: Illuminati's got the details, but let's say he's around 170 - 175 cm or 5'7" - 6'0" for those who hate the metric system.
Weight: Sorry, that's only secret to Daedalus's creator, Mr Everett. Though if you swear your loyalty to the Illuminati...
Chest Measurements: Same thing as the previous.
Likes: Helping people out, cosplay (when Everett doesn't look at him in a weird way), strawberry cheesecake and probably hanging out with JC Denton (when he stops singing Tom Jones's 'Sex Bomb' XD) or something.
Dislikes: Anyone who's in Majestic 12, being manipulated and most of all, his 'twin brother', Icarus.
Vocaloid Item: I don't know, maybe white waxed feathers as a reference to the Greek mythology of Daedalus himself.
History: VOCALOID Daedalus was created by Morgan Everett of the Illuminati as a means of not only to secretly take over the VOCALOID market and thus the missing part of the world, but also as a knight to the current VOCALOIDs who are being constantly attacked by Majestic 12's VOCALOID rival and 'twin brother', Icarus.

And if people have tried to get him and Daedalus over a MAGNET duet, then it would cause major damage to the YouTube and NicoNicoDouga videos as they would rather fight each other to the death rather than sing together and if they did, it would be worse as they could merged into another VOCALOID named Helios and he wants to take ALL of the VOCALOIDs, including the fan made ones.

XP Meh, sorry for the crappy description, I'll upload the VOCALOID Icarus one next.
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