Kid Icarus: Downfall - Khione Picture

Status: Newcomer

Description: Khione is the goddess of ice. She's very cold and hateful, and is one of Hades' commanders during the Third Heavenly War.

She views any kind of warmth, physical and emotional, as an impediment, and has frozen her own heart to avoid such things. As such, she comes off as very emotionless and apathetic.

Powers: Control of ice, snow, and cold. Can cause ice storms such as blizzards, snow, and hail.

Goal: To establish an eternal winter.

Side notes: Khione is a reference to the goddess of the same name from Heroes of Olympus (and possibly Greek mythology. I haven't checked on that).

Related weapon: Khione Whip

Quote: "Hades has promised me a handsome reward indeed; Skyworld frozen for all of eternity!"
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