I've decided that scenery is evil Picture

Since I'm working on making my own game (which you already knew), I've been trying to improve the suckage that is my ability to draw scenery |||||||||||||orz

So I drew my Mirror Lake. Uhhhh. yes. The lake is a character. lololol.

*this isn't the game I'm currently working on, but here's some info.

Twisted Fairytales as the premise. The fairytales include the works of the Grimm Brothers, but also those of Hans Christian Andersen, Greek mythology, and others. Also, though I wouldn't necessarily go so far as to call it a fairytale, the fable-like qualities of Edgar Allen Poe's stories are present as well.

Underlying story is that of Echo and Narcissus

Arcs reflect the eight evil thoughts from 4th century philosophy.

Storyline in short: A young girl gives away her voice to be closer to the man she loves, Narcissus, leaving her with only the ability to echo others. Both Echo and Narcissus are guilty of various sins, which are overseen by the lake. The Lake is a mirror to the two, showing them the best and worst parts of their selves, both provoking and prewarning them of the irreversible paths they choose. The Lake offers Narcissus a way to escape....

The only characters that matter are Echo, Narcissus, and the Mirror Lake.


Πορνεία (prostitution)✧ The Little Mermaid ✧ 人魚と人間が同じ「人」なのに ✧ Though on the Surface, Mermaids and Men are the Same ✧ Echo

Φιλαργυρία (avarice) ✧ The Last Pearl ✧ 悲しいことまでってしかたないけどほしいのは全部だけなのに ✧ Though All I Wanted was Everything, It Can't Be Helped that 'Everything' Includes Sorrow ✧ Narcissus

Λύπη (sadness) ✧ Hyakinthos ✧ ほしかったのは好きな人の幸せなのに ✧ Though All I Wanted was the Happiness of He Whom I Love ✧ Mirror

Ἀκηδία (dejection) ✧ Briar Rose ✧ 青い薔薇なんかいらない夢なのに ✧ Though I Don't Need Dreams of Blue Roses ✧ Narcissus

Γαστριμαργία (gluttony) ✧ Little Miss Muffet/Snow White ✧ 鏡よ鏡、一番きれいのはあなたなのに ✧ Though You are the Fairest of Them All, O Mirror Mirror on the Wall ✧ Echo

Ὀργή (wrath) ✧ The Tell-Tale Heart ✧ ドキドキの殺頃なのに ✧ Though It's the End of the End of the Beating Heart Beating ✧ Narcissus

Ὑπερηφανία (hubris) ✧ Icarus ✧ 手にいる世が空なのに ✧ Though the World in My Hands is Merely an Empty Sky ✧ Narcissus

Κενοδοξία (boasting) ✧ Echo and Narcissus ✧ 非と理 ✧ Alone with Wrong and Reason ✧ all
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