Bard of Breath Picture

Done using MS-Paint, only.
Finally! My Homestuck fan-character Masterpiece!
This one took me about 13-15 hours to make! I did not sleep at all, and continued through the night, morning, and afternoon making this thing. The finished product is about 3,000 x 5,000 pixels!
I made a lot of changes from the original idea (if there really was one at all), and if I still had photo-shop, this things would look a whole lot better, but I am VERY happy with the results.

Your name is Daniela Dane, but you prefer to be called Dane. You enjoy the company of animals and strange fauna aspire to be a veterinarian some day. You really hate flora though... and fake fauna. Really, you love myths and legends but you can't stand any of those fake creatures. It just ruins the possibility of those old stories having have ever been true.

As the Bard of Breath, it is you pleasure to tell and know grand stories about the nature of all of the planets. even the troll's planets. Everywhere the wind blows or air exists(everywhere but in outer space) you know of it. You're the perfect map... You can also do the windy thing of course.

(Dane is meant to be the counterpart of Prayma Erufet. They both have barren planets where it's impossible to tell the time, they both like to be called by their last names, and they both the tallest of their groups. A few other things can be noted, but those don't matter as much.)

Her quirk is " " quote the raven.

Text: ((no longer 100% accurate))
Bard of Breath
Name - Daniela Dane
Age - 14
Handle - IcarusWax
Specibus - Broken Kind
Sylladex - Shatter
Planet - LOPAR
(Land of Phosphorescence and Recluse) ((changed))
Likes - Animals
Dislikes - Plants

Daniela is
the tallest
of the kids
at five feet
and five

She dyes her
hair blue
because it is
different and
because it is her
favorite color.

fears and
hates all images of,
people acting as, and
references to mythology.
she deals with real
animals people. none of
those fake ones.
especially trolls.
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