Demotivational poster 7 Picture

easily the most entertaining incarnation of the god of the underworld (besides the Disney one)

also he can easily beat Loki in a fight

Hades: in the realm of Mythology right next to me, Loki is going to look like a scrawny, pethetic nerd


Hades: your honestly surprised im here? for a Pseudo lord you are very bad at seeing through the future, or script

me: q...quit it!!!

Hades: why? you think those fangirls will pelt you with their artbooks of yaoi pictures of LokiXThor?

me: i......ITS NOT LIKE THAT

Hades: whatever....speaking of comic books, i think i'll pay the man of steel a visit for what he did, after i put all my hearts on Son Goku (A/N hearts are currency in Kid icarus) once i get rid of superman and his home, the whole city of Megaville will be my next target

me: WHA???

Hades: and seeing that you freed me i'll save you for the angry mobs of Loki fangirls and superman Fanboys

me: 0_0

hades: well. off to Metropolis, HADES OUT *vanished*

me:......i own nothing that has been mentioned or hades...........please dont kill me haddes is always like this

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