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Aqua showed who were her worst favorite characters, so I thought I'd show who are my characters I chose. But instead, I thought of choosing my favorite heroes from video games, anime, and manga. Here's some reasons why I like these heroes. Its because I first knew these characters ever since my childhood, or I don't watch alot of cartoons or games. Okay, scratch the games part. But still, these characters in my opinion are my favorites, and so here, I present to you my "Top 10 Most Awesome Animated Characters!

10. Pit (Kid Icarus Uprising)

Pit was one of the most interesting characters I saw when in Brawl. I was a bit confused why Sakurai would make an angel as a hero, mostly because when I was a kid I thought angels were mainly about love and valentines. Pit's the opposite. He has impressive attacks and is able to fly back on the field when I need it. His moves Mirror Shield and Angel Ring were my favorites due to deflection and continuous damage. This got me interested into looking him up, and guess where that led me to: Kid Icarus for NES. The game was very interesting, and for an old video game it had interesting elements to Greek Mythology, mythology I was mostly interested in. Plus the plot is kept simple so things wouldn't get confusing. When I heard the third installment Kid Icarus: Uprising was coming I didn't know whether to buy it, mainly due to its obsessive fourth wall breaking and not taking things seriously. But you know I'm glad I bought it. It made Pit the laughing stock, and his access to multiple weapons was fun. I kinda felt bad for Pit mainly because Palutena just downright insults him and nearly gets him killed, he himself's a dumbass, and I don't know why everyone just makes fun of him. Sure he's stupid, a bit annoyingly upbeat, and obnoxious but he's still funny and truly a weapon master. With his new Final Smash, Pit's going to be tougher than ever and you bet I'm going to use him.
While not my most favorite Nintendo characters Pit still deserved to be in this list, and I was considering to put Dark Pit in, but I decided not to because he's still considered the usual shadow clone Anti Hero...and the fact that his "preboss battle cry" made him look like a dork.

9. Eren Yeager(Attack on Titan)

Here is the best male main character in anime history. Shingeki No Kyojin(Attack on Titan) was a fun anime that I watched. If you're interested in animes with rippling speeds, determination, and colossal fights Attack on Titan is the anime for you. Just be in mind that it has blood, creepy eye shades, dark fantasies, very seriousness and an insufferable ending, and it's not really my most favorite animes.

Moving on Eren is one of the best characters I've seen. Forcing him to fight for his will to live, survival of humanity, and to see the outer walls Eren's hatred towards the titans(stupid human like giants that EAT humans) makes his determination a force to be reckoned with. As a key to humanity's survival he plays a huge role as the main protagonist depicting him in scenes where his actions shock you. When Eren yells at everyone in the court about their cowardice and selfishness it literally shook me. He showed courage, anger, and something I always wanted to see from male characters. His headstrong, ill tempered, and abrasive personality also gave me a liking to him, mostly because I like anime characters like him. Plus, I'm not gonna lie I really like his design. Sure it's just a German boy with seriousness in his eyes and black hair, but that's what I like about him. His appearance is more similar towards what people SHOULD look like, not with spiky hair, or some other dyed color. Animes like Death Note and Hellsing do a fantastic job with their artwork. And I think Eren symbolizes the greatness of male characters and artwork of what anime characters SHOULD look like.

8. Spyro the Dragon(Legend of Spyro)

Yes unfortunately Spyro is dethroned from his high ranking. There are many other amazing characters but I'll go into that later. Anyway Spyro is a really interesting character. My first game of him was on a Gameboy which I wasn't that fond of. But when I played A Hero's Tail I was really interested in him until I found out how horrible it is as a game. What I like most is his ability to utilize elemental breaths: Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice, and my favorite Earth. Spyro is indeed a legendary dragon, and the idea of having dragons as the heroes is never used a lot in gaming history. Spyro is a good example: his design, personality, and uniqueness make him the perfect example of a dragon hero like him. My favorite games were The Legend of Spyro: A new beginning and Dawn of the Dragon. These incarnations of Spyro were outSTANDING. A new beginning was a great game for being on the PS2, and controlling Spyro while saving the elder dragons was really exciting. Dawn of the Dragon also made him a very interesting character with his bond with Spaaks and Cynder more stronger. I won't go into detail to get sidetracked but Spyro still has a place in my heart for being my favorite character since when I was a kid, and I just hope Skylanders ends so they'll focus on an ACTUAL arc connected to the Franchise's storyline.

7. Laxus Dreyer(Fairy Tail)

From the best anime EVAR in history is Laxus. Laxus was an ass when you first saw him, and he soon rises to level ASSHOLE when he becomes villian in the middle arc of Fairy Tail. But when he returns in the later arcs he becomes more likeable and one of the BEST dragon slayer wizards in the anime. Laxus utilizes Lightning Magic and is known as a Dragon Slayer Wizard, wizards who use elemental dragon magic as their main use as weapons. Laxus is incredibly strong. He has brute strength, powerful lightning attacks, and when using his full strength you do not want to mess with him. His relationship to Makarov aka Guild Master of Fairy Tail aka grandfather of Laxus is also very tragic and the focus of his conflict between the two. The reason was because Makarov never showed respect or credit towards him, and when he kicks out his father from the guild this made him enraged, that is until he finally got over it in the end and he bids farewell to a tearful Makarov. And when you find out his father becomes a major antagonist it pities you more that he has to deal with so much family conflict. His entire bond with Makarov and soon Mavus in future episodes makes him an interesting, sometimes comedic, and overall an amazing character. I really like his change of attitude now he's become a protagonist, cause now his character is more well developed. Plus when seeing him in action it really got my adrenaline rushing and I was hooked onto my computer. Surrounded in strength, legacy, and muscles this character has been my favorite anime character, unfortunately he doesn't rank up as high as the other characters.

6. Lea/Axel(Kingdom Hearts)

Lea at first wasn't an interesting character for being a by passer in Birth By Sleep, but looking back at the persona of Axel really gives him a shine. As Axel he was a very interesting character, mostly because of his phrase, "Got it memorized?", and several traits. Axel was different than any other Nobody. He actually had feelings like Roxas, Namine, and Xion or at least felt like he had a heart. Despite his merciless betrayal to Vexen and Zexion he's still an interesting character. He was really fun to fight as Roxas, and his attributes to Fire(my favorite element) made him able to stand his ground. Due to his bonds with Ventus as Lea, Axel had a liking to Roxas serving as a mentor and big brother which was a trait I liked about him. His relationship with him and Xion was really refreshing, and it made me pitied him to be separated from the two, and die just for Sora's sake. But really I was glad he died, not because of hatred or malice but because he can finally become human. When a Nobody dies, the persona will be brought back to life, therefore Axel becomes Lea again. As Lea in 3D Dream Drop Distance I was SHOCKED to see him come back. I'm glad he did. Lea becomes a more developed character. He now joins the fight and his utilization to chakrams makes him one of my favorite supporting characters. And now he can use a keyblade, it makes you wonder if he'll become one of the Seven Lights, mainly since the developers said they're thinking of making some characters a few of the Seven lights as a plot twist. If that's true then that's a shame because I really like Ventus, Terra, and Aqua. But putting that aside Lea is still my favorite character for his morals of friends and courage, got it memorized?

5. Shiki Ryuhou(Monster Hunter Orage)

Ever seen Monster Hunter as a manga? Well this one did a great job. Monster Hunter Orage introduces the most funniest and badass characters with great backstories. Shiki is a good example of one of them. He has an amazing design followed up with great weaponry. His usage of dual blades made me change my mind of the seemingly "useless daggers". Plus his access to the unnatural Wind Element makes him even more badass. Shiki's incredible speed and strength, as well as his trust in comradeship makes him very likeable. So is that why I like him more than Laxus as a character? Well, not exactly. While he does have his talents in battle, there's one thing that makes him more likeable: humor. Being from a manga created from the writer who also made Fairy Tail, Monster Hunter Orage just had to put in some hilarity and it did a damn good job at doing so. Shiki, like any Shonen characters is sometimes very goofy, comedically angered, or stupidly happy, which sometimes forces Irie to hilariously beat him up or humiliate him. And while annoying, seeing him yell at his deceased master as if he's linked to him in spirit is also kinda funny. I laughed when he made fun of Irie or pissed her off, just got hit in the noggin, or act like a dumbass always brightened my days. His backstory is also very interesting. All that is known is that his master Grelee found him in the forest with a dead Kelbi(which ticked me off because of animal abuse). At that forest the two meet a legendary Elder Dragon called Myo Galruga. This encouraged him to become the best hunter and fight the legendary monster, and train with Grelee to find the Elder Dragon, and their bond has made him very well developed in comedic and comrade standards. While my Otaku days are over and I no longer read the manga, I still like him and I'll always remember when he called Irie Blue and got kicked in the face!

4. Uryu Minene(Future Diary)

Hands down, the best female protagonist besides Katniss EVAR. She starts off as very intimidating but soon becomes very interesting. And I don't want to hear Yandere fans say "Why do you not like Yuno!? Why do you not think she's a badass!?" Oh shut it already! As a matter of fact I HATE Yuno end of story. So why do I like Uryu? Well, it's pretty understanding. Uryu's backstory made me feel bad about her. Her parents died in a battle between religions, and forced her to search for grub and survive on the rubble. When I saw her steal food from a retarded religious group I felt bad for her. This encouraged her to become a Terrorist, bombing anything of any religion. When she participates in the Survival Game she soon shows her emotions and strength. At first she became a small villian but she soon sides with Yuki and Yuno, acting as a older sister to Yuki. Her character also makes her very interesting. While being a badass, Uryu herself is very smart. She's able to use her board to detonate bombs at once, resort to blowing herself up in dire situations of survival, and speaking of which she herself is a survival expert. Her ideas of escaping make her a very tough enemy, and when gaining powers from Deus she becomes even more amazing. Her relationship with Nishijima is a bit unreasonable, but it was kind of funny when he proposed to her, which she comedically freaked out. Seeing her love interest die was also very saddening, and when she herself dies to help Yuki defeat Bacchus I shed a tear for her. Learning of her survival made me gleam with happiness. Uryu, you are one of the best female characters I've seen and you deserve my respect.

You can watch Mirai Nikki(Future Diary). It's an AMAZING anime. But if you can't stand insanity, blood, gore, selfishness, and violence maybe you should watch something different...LOL

3. Neku Sakuraba(The World Ends with you)

Neku is another one example of a well developed male protagonist. Neku is very different. He's antisocial, aggressive, and shuts himself from everyone. He acts like an ass to most characters at the beginning of the game. This made him unlikeable until the end, and it surprises me too and I thought "Wow what a jerk!". But can I really object? In fact, Neku and I have ALOT in common. First of all both of us prefer to stay out of the herd. I really don't like being surrounded by strangers mainly because the ruckus annoys me. In fact if anyone annoys me I'd just downright insult or push them back, dissing or just acting like a jerk either surprising, backing off, or angering them. This is why he's so high on the list, being similar to me. So I shouldn't hate him if I myself is a loner as well. We also both have a huge imagination. This gives him a terrifying access to psychs(abilities to attack enemies), making him the perfect player in the Reaper's Game. Wish my imagination would let me do that. I'll admit, when I'm walking I imagine some moments and ideas for novels, moments with my online friends as avatars, and stuff Kenji himself would do. It sometimes got my heart pumped when imagining. And, while not big we also have a fond with graffiti. I enjoy looking at art, graffiti being one of my favorite art styles. Any impressive graffiti I see on a wall makes me put a hand on it admiring the feeling it gives me. In fact I'm thinking of actually trying graffiti soon(I may post it when I feel like it). Yes I know it's a bit cheesy and unbelievable, but to me it's connected. Neku when in Dream Drop Distance was still interesting, and it's iconic that Twister played when he appeared. I hope he makes more cameos in upcoming Kingdom Hearts games, because with his return it doesn't extinguish my hope that a sequal to TWEWY will be made(I'll be honest TWEWY's probably not gonna have a sequal).

2. Ventus (Kingdom Hearts)

Ventus, my most favorite character of the Kingdom Hearts series. Sure there are some characters that people prefer like Sora or Roxas, but I chose Ventus in the end. He's one of the original heroes of the series along with Terra, Aqua, and Mickey(that's right Mickey Mouse). I loved playing him in Birth By Sleep, and his access to magic and attacks like Salvation, Ars Arcanum, and Tornado makes him a very useful character, as well as his speed making him the fastest character in the game along with his unique fighting style holding his keyblade back handed. Not only that, but he is actually the reason of Sora's adventure. Because his heart rests in Sora, Ventus lend his power to him, the ability to control the keyblade. Not only that but he also created Roxas, the nobody of Sora. When Sora sacrificed himself to revive Kairi, Roxas was created, but when Ventus was seperated and was inside Roxas, he made his emotions and appearence. Just seeing him again in Dream Drop Distance was just CRAZY. He returns in the opening and smiled at Castle Oblivion, hinting his awakening. And when the plot of Kingdom Hearts 3 is revealed in short lines just proves he will return along with Aqua and Terra.

Now, with no further to do, here is Number 1.

1. Mario (Super Mario)

This guy here was the very first game character I knew when I was a kid. Sure there was Sonic, AiAi, and Spyro, but I chose Mario because he's that amazing. He deserves to be the mascot of Nintendo. My first game was Super Mario Sunshine, and it was really fun. As time passed by, I started liking the other games more. Though at first I wanted him to have some dialogue but now I think he should stick with his silent role. He has Super Human Strength, knows Martial Arts, and is associated with the element of fire, something that I just can't stop liking about him. Yet, the plot of the series is always the same. Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, and Mario has to save him. But no matter what the plot was, Mario was able to make the game fun no matter what. He is a heroic, brave, and a kind hero. Whenever he said something after a level it always made my dad and I laugh. Seeing him also happy made me smile. And his future battles made him an amazing character, prevented an Alien race from taking over the Mushroom World and time, stopped an old enemy from shrouding the world in darkness, and defeated a dark vampire from taking over the dream world with his brother Luigi. Unfortunetely the only thing I don't like about him is that his fame makes the Mushroom Kingdom ignore the other heroes, specifically Toad, Luigi and Yoshi. This makes him too famed, but it still didn't affect my opinion, just why Nintendo didn't gave them enough screen time. But still Mario is the perfect example of a hero for all ages, a fun loving character, and a great installment to gaming history, and that is why Mario is my most favorite hero.

Okay, before I go I have a few things to mention. First off I'm really sorry if my explanations were kind off cheesy, mostly because I don't do a lot of gaming and don't watch alot of cartoons, and second since Aqua and I have already told you who are our favorite and least favorite characters, I think you guys should share your opinions:

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