tumblr dump Picture

just a bunch of stuff both old and new that I've made for some reason or another on tumblr

lulz, fail at manry Arthur on so many levels....

The Skyward Sword like comics at the bottom is from a series called 'skyward derp' in which I have replaced all the main characters with friends in gender reversed roles. However, due to not having enough friends to fill the roles I'm not sure what I'll do with this idea.
so far it's:
yeeeeeah, that's it....

oooooh, now that I think about it, I do have a colored version of the ducklett girl Elsa. I created this Gijinka originally to be a PGA member, but decided to change her for a different Pokemon Gijinka group which was based around Greek mythology. I never hear anything from that group though, so I never got a change to submit my character.

oh well! I'll submit that picture sometime today anyways since the only art I have I can't submit because I was asked not to or because it's spoiler-tastic for Kid Icarus: Uprising

if no one cares about the KI:U spoilers though, I have some lines that I would love to get feedback on! [link] currently working on this picture, so any help would be great. thank you!

all characters belong to their respective owners. to lazy to write it all out right now.
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