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Kid Icarus / Haibane Renmei crossover art.

I've been playing Kid Icarus Uprising lately and (have played through it initially), but ever since I started it, I've had this crossover in mind... because my mind is weird.

In the Kid Icarus vidoegame series, the protagonist is Pit, a (Greek classical-mythology-style) angel who *technically* cannot fly. (He borrows limited flight from his chosen goddess) - and this made a great deal of in the game... he is embarrassed about being a flightless angel and his fondest wish is to someday fly on his own, etc.

Haibane Renmei (which translates to "The Charcoal Feathers Federation"), which I am a longtime fan of, is a 13-episode anime series about a town *full* of flightless angels. The situation is very different, though - HR is about young people who are born from cocoons into a mysterious town surrounded by a sacred wall. They are given halos and grow ash-gray wings (again, flightless), and they have a vague sense of having lived a life somewhere else, though they do not remember it and end up having to discover their place in their new world, which they are destined to eventually leave.

The general feel of these two properties couldn't be any more different. While I have yet to play the original old 8-bit Kid Icarus games, Uprising is a very energetic, frentic shooting game where the characters are chatty and the story has No Forth Wall sometimes. Haibane Renmei is a very quiet, contemplative and "arty" anime where walls are not to be touched. I still wondered what it would be like if Pit fell into the town of Glie/Guri and found other people who were very much like him.

Characters depicted are Pit - who is pretty obvious as the confused kid with the laurel-crown, Reki (the girl with the cigarette), and the masked, priest-type character is the Communicator, a caretaker of the Haibane. Everyone in this picture is a bit perplexed, but Reki keeps up her general cool demeanor.

Pit: Smoking is bad for your health.

Reki: Eat your carrots.
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