Gamebanner Collection V.2 Picture

Okay. So here is a collection of gamebanners. Enjoy.

Megaupload (its back bitches! ;D)!oF8iFDCJ
Would upload to mediafire too. But I cba because mega is superiour.

Note. Preview is out of date due to lack of time/interest. Ill do my best to add gamebanners sent to me.

How to install

Just go to C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins and extract the rar file ther (using a free program called winrar that i assume you have) then open in rainmeter

=== How to Create a GameBanner === By: Homestar99

~1: Open the BANNER template.psd, that comes with the download, in photoshop.

~2: Create your banner how ever you see fit.

~3: Once finished, Hit 'File', 'Save-As'

~4: Go to the Game Banners folder where all the names of the people are, and make your own folder. (This only needs to be done once of course)

~5: Then in 'Your Folder', Create a Folder for the name of the game.

~6: Save your picture in the Folder of the game it's for.
REMEMBER to save it as a .png, not the default .psd, or this wont work.

~7: Open up Notepad, and paste this in there; (not the "======")


-------------------Rainmeter info comes here--------------------
Update = 1000

Author = <><><><><><>
Version = 1.0

-------------------Button meter--------------------
meter = image
ImageName = <><><><><><>.png
x = 0
y = 0
w = 280
h = 40
AntiAlias = 1
LeftMouseUpAction = !Execute ["<><><><><><>"]


~8: Save this as "<Name-of-game>.ini" in which ever game folder your using this for.

~9: Open that .ini file in Notepad, and change all the "<><><><><><>".
For the;
Author - Put your name or account name.

ImageName - Put the name of the picture that you created for that game.

!Execute - Right click the shortcut of the game on your desktop, you should see a spot that is called "Target", copy what is in that box and put it here. (Remember not to delete the " " in that line, only the <>)

~10: Save it.

~11: Open up rainmeter, click "Refresh All" in the bottom left corner, and Look under GameBanners and.. If all went well, you should see it there!

If you have any questions or, if i missed something or, did a bad job, let me know.

Thanks Homestar99 for this great guide. And huge contribution to the pack

Drexasaurus's Banners
added on 2013-10-17

Thank You Homestar99 for your contribution to the pack.

Thank you ColderBlaze for your addition to the collection.

The wallpaper I used for this is… by iAmFreeman.

Due to me being partly inactive on deviantart I suggest messaging me through reddit if you have suggestions/requests on what banners to do next
Also, if you have problems getting a banner to appear and or game link being incorrect then message me so I can fix it
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