Ikaros Picture

  • Type: Alpha (α), Height: 162 cm (5 ft 4 in), Weight: 48 kg (106 lb), Wing Type: Variable
The title character of the series, Ikaros is a busty gynoid known as an Angeloid; she falls from the sky at the beginning of the story. After Tomoki recovers her, she forms a bond with him and calls him master: the imprinting is symbolized by a chain from her collar to his hand. She displays a submissive, melancholic and subservient personality, but has shown aggressiveness whenever Tomoki is in danger. She has an expressionless face that makes the other characters wonder if she will ever smile. Her emotions develop slowly, due to her programmed setting of high battle abilities and high processing abilities but low emotional abilities. Despite this, she develops genuine feelings of love for Tomoki. She also goes along with any of his perverted schemes, and eventually burns up into nothing after carrying Tomoki to Synapse, showing him her smile for the first time. She and the others are later resurrected by Tomoki's final wish. Although she initially states she is a "Pet-Class" (entertainment-purposed) Angeloid, she is actually a "Strategic Battle-Class" Angeloid. In her previous visit to Earth as the Uranus Queen, she destroys the Tower of Babel. In "Battle Mode", she employs: Aegis, an energy shield sphere; Artemis, which fires an array of energy projectiles from her wings; and Apollon (Aporon, from the Greek Apollyo), a bow that fires an arrow of mass destruction. In a later battle, she evolves into Ikaros Version II, with "Dual Variable Wings" that boost her power. Her name comes from the Greek mythological character Icarus a craftman's son who flew too close to the sun and fell from the sky.
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