OC: Apollo Picture

So I was bored and drew a guy in a fighting stance. (this was like...last year btw lol),
Then I got stuck with colours and bugged my friends about it on our facebook group chat.
Then I ended up with this, to which my friend said "He's blond, tan, and has blue eyes. He'd make a good Apollo." (Or something along those lines lol).

THENNN we got all caught up, she made an OC named Icarus, and I decided to make him an OC too. Apollo, his codename in his "gang."
Yeah, gang. They use Greek mythology figures as code names. Cool, huh? 8)

ANNND that's how I accidentally made an OC, guys.
Now...just wait till I tell you about that one time I accidentally made a gang...
Edit: I reuploaded this because I cropped it on DA muro (I was a lazy ass)
Then it had that weird rainbow icon next to the title and that bothered me.
Moral of the story? Don't crop with DA muro.

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