Icarus's flight Picture

I made this for my high school final exam in Arts. The assignment was to use Greek mythology; the rest was up to us. I really liked the story of Icarus. I decided not to show the fall of Icarus, but the moment before, because that moment is, I think, much more dramatic. Icarus in all his glory, his wings melting but he is to fixated on the beauty of the sun to notice.

I made the canvas myself and used a pvc-tube to let the canvas come forward. After I finished painting I used sculpting wax to show Icarus’s melting wings.
I hope the additional photo’s give you an idea of what the painting looks like in the 3D world.

Used mediums:
Acrylics, wax and magazine pages on canvas
Canvas, wooden framing and pvc tube
55x100x35 cm

Thanks for watching C&C more than welcome!
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