Endine 43, 44, 45 Picture

A modification of Go-On Wings' Wngines, into engine 43-45. Engine 43 is Jarapter, an orange hybrid between a Tapejara (Must be Tupandactylus) and a helicopter, both them are odd-looking Brazilian Cretaceous Pterosaur. Engine 44 is Jeetah, a hybrid between a jet and a cheetah (Have you seen a green Cheetah before XD), and engine 45 is Jumviathan (A hybrid between a jumbo jet and a Leviathan, a sea dragon in Jew Mythology), I made the Jumviathan looks alike Gosei Dragon, also with the cross of Gaofalcon. In the back you see a silhouette of Go-On Icarus, a combination that based on GaoIcarus and MaxOhJa with Parasaurolophus and Ankylosaurus Bakryuu combined.

First Person Pronoun (Jarapter): Boku (僕)
First Person Pronoun (Jeetah): Mii (ミー)
First Person Pronoun (Jumviathan) :Watakushi (私)

RPM Name:
-DragoCopter (Dragon?)
-Winged Jaguar (Jaguar?)
-Sky Dragon (Dragon again?)

Go-Onger, Goseiger, Gaoranger, Abaranger (c) Toei
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