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Revamped a very old oc, and now he's hot and very much bangable material 8)


Name: Apollo

Full Name: Apollo Victor Frankenburg

Nickname(s): Apo.

Age: 22

Date Of Birth: ????-??-??

Gender: Male

Sex: Male

Nationality: ---

Current Living Place: Rented apartment.

Occupation: Employee at a Coffee shop.


Personality: Party animal, rowdy, kind, stubborn.

Likes: The city, night time, accessories, the smell of hair dye, piercings, tattoos, water.

Dislikes: Dirty places, the spots on his back, people commenting on him not having any fur, windy weather, getting his hair messed up.

Phobias/Fears: Public nudity (Being nude in public, not seeing nudity)

Sickness/Disorder: Allergic to dust.


Height: 5'10

Weight: ---

Body Type: ---

Eye Color: Crimson

Hair Color: Dark brown

Skin Color: Tan

Specie: Chupacabra

Clothes: Long armed shirts, jeans, basket shoes.

Accessories: Bracelets, tongue piercing, four earrings (one on right ear, three on left ear), a ring.



Other Relationships:
Icarus - Old friend from college before Icarus dropped out.
Texas - Old boyfriend (Still together??? Who knows????)

Sexuality: Bisexual - Polyamorous

Love Interest: ????

Relationship Status: ????


Hobbies: Collecting badges.

Canon Voice: ---

Face Claim: ---

Other: -He is very fixated in his own looks.
-Despite liking to have it clean so is he not the best person at holding a room tidy.
-Yes he uses nail polish.
-He's actually a submissive lil' bitch.

Apollo Trubaduren
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