Pokemon Team Picture

With the release of the Diamond/Pearl games and anime (both of which make me giddy. The new Pokemon are love and the anime is already soothing my inner TR fan with great James-related stuff), I decided to, finally, draw my chosen team of Pokemon! Which is an all-male team, amusingly. I've used plenty of female Pokemon in the past, of course (four out of six members of my main Johto team were girls, two of the strongest Pokemon in my Emerald game are a female Gardevoir and a female Tentacruel, and I've restarted over and over for a female Starter in every game since Crystal), but these are my favorite Pokemon, and I've only used male Pokemon of these species. Well, I did use a female Charizard ... but my first Charizard, Ash, was male, and he's my freakin' woobie.


Ash the Charizard Gender: Male. Nature: Quiet. Ability: Blaze. His name was originally... Charizard. Yeah. I wasn't big on names. Then I decided to name him Ash after reading something about a volcano in Hawaii. Nothing to do with the anime's Ash. Either way, he was my woobie ever since and he was the first Pokemon I got to level 100. Sadly, the original Ash is gone since my Gold game fell off a table and got deleted. A new Ash exists, however, as the eldest son of my female Charizard in FireRed, Hermione. He has an Amulet Coin so he gets me tons of money.

Moonlight the Umbreon Gender: Male. Nature: Modest. Ability: Synchronize. Way too common of a name, but it's hilarious to see him use Moonlight. MOONLIGHT used Moonlight! Much fun. Moonlight first existed in my Gold game, and was one of my main Pokemon. Like I said, my Gold game died... but then I got FireRed and managed to breed an Eevee and transfer it to my Ruby game, thanks to the generous aid of a classmate and his GBA. My Moony is back and he's cooler than you. I usually equip him with Leftovers, but I've not drawing that 'cause... ew.

Lucky the Meowth Gender: Male. Nature: Careful. Ability: Pickup. He's actually a Pokemon I don't use too much in serious battles, but he's still there in FireRed and he's around... level 35, I think? Yeah. I added the goggles because the thought of a Meowth in goggles amused me, and really, I just wanted him to look different than other Meowths.

Icarus the Flygon Gender: Male. Nature: Brave. Ability: Levitate. Icarus is named after... a dragon or a dragonfly in some anime named Icarus, but I just can't remember which. DBZ? Muumin? God if I remember. Let's just say I named him after Icarus from mythology and leave it at that. I got him as a Trapinch because he was too adorable for his own good, and then I trained him to a Flygon because Flygon is really awesome. He is a part of my main Ruby team.

Jack the Cacturne Gender: Male. Nature: Quirky. Ability: Sand Veil. Jack is named after Jack Skellington. Yeah. You know, scarecrow Pokemon? Scarecrow-- okay you get it. I probably wouldn't have used him too much (caught him only as a novelty Pokemon) if not for James' Cacnea. I must say that I was delighted to find out he's of a Quirky nature. I would've been equally delighted if his nature was Jolly. Either way, he's part of my main Sapphire team and he kicks ass.

Soccer the Glalie Gender: Male. Nature: Naughty. Ability: Inner Focus. Glalie reminds me of a soccer ball. Football. I don't speak British, sorry. I went through the trouble of catching a Snorunt because I saw a picture of Glalie and thought he looks really, really cool. I mean, dude, soccer ice demon thing. Too awesome. I was one of the biggest fans of Ash's Snorunt when he was caught, and pretty much the only person who was delighted when he evolved. Glalie is awesome and he pwns Dragons for me and I wuv him.

And then there's me! Yeah, I'd say that's how I'd look like in anime form... in a few months. Right now I have some pounds that need losing, but I'm working on it and you know what, it's working really well. But basically, yeah, that's me. And don't tell me I'm too tall, Charizard's the one who's too tall in animeverse (unless everyone in the anime are midgets). At 175 centimeters, I'm actually taller than game-stats!Charizard.
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