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Ahh I'm sorry for the lateness of this page Q A Q I've been working literally everyday on TTB (it takes 2 days to complete 1 page) and I ended up hitting the wall, so I had to ease back into the work again.

I've lately been feeling very isolated and lonely in my room as I work on the project, and after rescuing this little field mouse the other day, it made me realize how much I needed a little companion in my room to keep me company. After much research on the bird, I went and bought my very first budgie yesterday and although it will take some time to bond with him, it certainly improves the atmosphere about me and it gives me a goal to look forward to.

It's a wonderful feeling to have a bird, I can't wait till he begins chirping! Q u Q He's currently still getting used to the place, so he's been awfully quiet so far. I've named him Icarus btw, I don't know how you guys feel about the name (my family hates it) = u =;;

Maybe some of you guys own birds? If you'd like to share any tips and advice, I'd appreciate it!
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