Daedalus Picture

Based on Thrice's song, "Daedalus," which is, in turn, based on the story of Daedalus and Icarus. I love this song, and I couldn't get the urge to draw something out of my head. XD Drawn and colored in Photoshop CS2.


I stand on the cliffs with my son next to me
This island our prison, our home
And every day we look out at the sea
This place is all he's ever known

But I've got a plan and some wax and some strings
Some feathers I stole from the birds
So we leap from the cliff and we hear the wind sing
A song that's too perfect for words

But son, please keep a steady wing
You know you're the only one who means anything to me
Steer clear of the sun, or you'll find yourself in the sea

Now safely away I let out a cry
That we'll make the midlands by noon
But Icarus climbs higher still in the sky
And maybe I've spoken too soon

Son, won't you look at your wings
They are coming undone, they're splitting at the seams
Steer clear of the sun; for once, won't you listen to me?

Oh gods, why is this happening to me?
All I wanted was a new life for my son to grow up free
And now you took the only thing that meant anything to me
I will never fly again; I will hang up my wings
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