Vultyr (The Vulture Valkyrie) Picture

This is Vultyr, The Vulture Valkyrie for a series of mine I'm workin' on called Thor's Blood.
Which is Norse mythology themed, but focused moreover on valkyries, and all the valkyries have different flying animals and mythological monsters, creatures, and beings as their motifs.
Which, as you can see, Vultyr's is a Vulture. Turkey Vulture if being super specific.

She's very expressive as you can see. Annnd absolutely fuckin' nuts. XD
But that's what makes her so entertaining!
She wields a double-ended Kusarigama (like Axl Low from Guilty Gear) but hers are made entirely of bone.

When in battle, she's never one much for getting miffed or offended by being left scraps...if anything, that's her favorite part, to be able to finish off or pick apart whatever and whoever's left.

Now, as for the gameplay style idea I have in mind for Thor's Blood, my idea is a mix between Sengoku Basara, the Warriors/Musou games, Bayonetta, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Panzer Dragoon. But it will have parts where stages seamlessly shift to a 2D plane beat-'em-up style with some specific things that alter the gameplay like finding hidden things and such aside from just combat (think Castle Crashers in that aspect).
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