Spoilers ahead - Gaol without the cursed armor Picture

She supposedly betrayed Magnus and joined forces with Medusa, but in reality, she volunteered to spy on the underworld army, this all backfired and she was kidnapped and forced into the cursed armor against her will, fortunately the curse broke when Magnus and Pit knocked her unconscious, not to mention result in part of her armor breaking off to reveal her human form.

Please note that I drew her in that outfit as I can't be so sure what she wore before her kidnapping, although her helmet emitted glowing green pupil-less eyes, her human model in the game had her eyes shut, so I made her eyes squinted as I can't be so sure about her eye color.
Additionally, it's unknown if Gaol is actually her real name

Icaruspedia page: [link]

Gaol along with the rest of the Kid Icarus franchise are properties of Nintendo

I've noticed she hasn't had even one penny of fanart, which is why I drew this.

Drawn with :daMuro: & GIMP
Also I've made it a GIF image in order enable a "spoiler tag."
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