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... a proper introduction, and well,
don't you see? I'm the narrator and this is just the prologue.


dta entry holy fUCK i am in love with the little DARLING hiding behind hephaestus!! ill update this with more information when i wake up since it's like 1 in the morning rn lol, i just wanted to submit this asap omfg okay but so far his name will be Icarus ( to continue with my mythological themed names lmfao ), but his nickname is "Ick" since he's a sick type of maskcat. more info later
the image w/o effects/bg: here!

❈ I N F O R M A T I O N ❈
Name: Icarus
☆Gender: undecided/unknown ( he/she/they )
Age: 10 yrs
☆Type: Normal/Average ( Small though [ not a maskkit ], due to once being a ten-year-old )
☆Class-Rank: Apprentice
☆Status: Self-aware ( but confused )
☆Personality: l Confused l Shy l Fearful l Innocent l Skittish l
☆Powers/Ability: None ( unless you count his incredible ability to hide anywhere he pleases lol )
☆Maskcat Description: As a kid, Icarus always had a weak immune system. He got sick very easily, but when he was 8, he came down with an incredibly serious disease. He was bed ridden for two whole years; could barely move, couldn't walk, couldn't use his arms... Icarus was essentially slowly becoming paralyzed. Then, on his tenth birthday, something happened - a flash, white light, darkness. The next thing Icarus knew, he woke up in a box in an abandoned blacksmith's workshop. Seemingly abandoned, that is. Icarus cried and cried, unsure of why he had a cat tail, cat ears, paws, and whatnot. He was afraid and terrified.
Then, a maskcat heard the cries. One named Hephaestus followed the sounds and opened the box to find a child maskcat, much to his surprise. The child reached up to Hephaestus, and it was then that Icarus realized he could move on his own! Though he was still as fragile as ever, and even more so incredibly weak. Hephaestus, despite his cold front and tough attitude, he felt a natural need to take care of Icarus.
Currently, Hephaestus protects Icarus with his life and is trying to help the maskcat kid to heal and become stronger. Bean and Icarus have adjusted to each other well.
☆Inner: Cotton
☆Clothes Description: Basic hood, short sleeves, shorts
☆Other details: Although he is/was ill, he cannot infect anyone/anything else.
☆Traits: Paw, Normal
☆Relationships: l Hephaestus ( father-figure ) l Bean ( Bijokin 'pet'; helps Icarus feel healthier when he needs to be ) l

ill definitely be making another entry, one of just icarus by himself <33

maskcatz and bijokin belong to the LOVELY AF onigiryStuff
hephaestus ( grump in front ) and bean ( the tiny grump lmao ) belong to me
do not steal/copy/trace/etc. or i will send icarus to ur home to get you sick!! T___T
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