Evil-Eye-Carus Picture

This portrays a new angle on the cautionary tale of Icarus, seen here attempting to escape a subterranean medieval underworld of death and decay.

This is set after the failure of his initial flying-trial - where he died after smashing his head open on the ground. After many years of refining his flight technology Icarus tries again, this time trying to overcome another challenge - Death itself.

An evil eye repels Icarus' ship with its burning glare, forcing him back to his cold dead eternal prison.

I have mixed up a lot of different themes here to create something a bit different, including the pied pipers rats, heaven and hell, Icarus, post apocalyptic/dystopian fairy tale imagery, and a splash of steam punk inspired technology for the vaguely person shaped ship. The ship represents the head, arms, and legs of Icarus.

I have entered this into the 'Thinking outside of the Box' competition held here -
by 9elfwitch9!

Check it out, as well as the other entries,
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