Kid Icarus Uprising: Palutena pencil sketch Picture

Soooooo, I was out of things to do having decided not to do the character connection sheet for a while, feeling like there was another crucial part of it I was missing, so that's what VXR is up to for now. Having decided that, I kept thinking of the games that helped inspire it and tried to think of something to draw for them. I ended up thinking Super Smash Brothers 4, and therefore, Palutena, who from what I see of her gameplay, may be a character I main/sub(my current main(s) candidates are Sonic, Rosalina, Charizard, and obviously Palutena). After that, I thought "Why not draw her?".....Why did I think that?
Okay, normally, my art isn't something I dedicate to in overly high detail. This is for two reasons. 1: If I did, coloring is literally impossible. 2: Most my art is character concepts, which are SUPPOSED to be a basic look at the character, not practice for realism. In this case however, whether I decided to simplify it or not, I was going to have to dedicate to it. And needless to say I did. So, I am proud of this drawing, but I have to say that I do have a tendency to slowly decline in focus the longer I draw. By the time I reached her waist, I was pretty much done with the drawing, and what was left was just trying to get through the rest of it.
Unfortunately, some of the details may not be visible because of how my camera is, and because when I go into such a level of details, I use VERY dull pencils, mainly since it's helps blend and make sudden variations in darkness with basic ease. At least, that's how it is for me.
There's not much else I can say about it, it was a way to pass time, and I put quite a bit of effort into it. So yeah. Regardless, Enjoy!

Time taken: Approximately 2 and a half hours(150 minutes)
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