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Writing Application Sheet

Team Name: Icarus Blade

Guild Leaders: __x_Rogues ___Merchants ___Rescuers

Leader Information
Name and Species: Emme / Murkrow

Nature: Jolly/Likes to Fight

Ability: Super Luck

Gender: Female


• Strength: Emme possesses remarkable strength for a Murkow. When this is combined with her ability, it is certain that she hits hard. It is this strength that insures that she is an effective close range combatant.
• Tactical: The main reason she is the leader of Icarus Blade that unlike Aisia, who lives in the here and now, Emme thinks ahead to the future and tries to map out the best course of action. It is though Emme that the team’s mission plans are set and insured to be executed. She is also the one that leads the charge in battle, and baring any interference from her rages, is also the one giving orders in these situations as well.
• Stealth/Thievery: Emme has spent most, if not all of her life as a thief, trying to help support her family. Sneaking is almost a second nature to her, and she is easily able to slip in and out of anything.
• Friendliness: Unlike others of her species, Emme is overtly friendly and cheerful to others. Though this can rub some people the wrong way, she has a natural charisma that attracts people to her.


• Berserker Rages: When in the heat of battle, Emme has the tendency to become obsessed with the fight. When it gets to that point, she can completely lose herself in a flurry of sadism. What makes this more dangerous from other rages is that she has some control of her actions, and thus some of her tactical prowlness. Only Aisia can free her from this state, and even then she can have trouble from time to time.
• Mediocre Stats Besides Attack: While Emme hits hard, she is only average in other areas. Her speed is average for a Murkrow, and both of her defenses are slightly below average. Her berserker rages do not affect her stats whatsoever.
• Suppressed Emotion: Emme has trouble showing anger and sadness outside of her berserker rages. To compensate for this, she over exaggerates her naturally cheery persona. However, this is not as subtle as she believes, and it becomes quite obvious that something is wrong.
• Close-mindedness – Emme is the last person that would judge someone over his or her species/type/gender/etc. However, once she has an ideal or something else that she believes in, it is very hard for one to change her mind. This can be a good thing, however, she can have trouble understanding other positions on an issue. At best, she would think that person is naïve/mistaken. At worse, she would think that that person was lacking in morality.

Moves: Wing Attack / Night Shade / Faint Attack / Toxic

Accessories: Red Ribbon


• Both Emme and Aisia come from a distance region that is run by many corrupt merchant leagues. Emme often had to help her mother steal food for her family. There was an incident, which separated her family; she went on a crusade against the merchants. Despite her best efforts to steal resources and give them to the poor, it was only a small ripple in a sea. It was though these efforts that she met and saved Aisia’s life. Despite the Rogue’s bad reputation in “proper” society, tales of a guild of noble thieves had circulated in the slums of the region. Intrigued by the prospect of a guild that shared her ideals, Emme made her way to Tao Village, with Aisia by her side.
• Emme is a lesbian, and attract will only work on her if it from a female. She isn’t very flirty, however, she is attracted to psychic types. (Which may be stemmed from her crush on Aisia)
• Desipte Aisia’s social problems, Emme truly enjoys the Natu’s company. She sees past that along with her physical disability and has gotten to know the kindhearted and sweet Natu that she only shows to the ones that get close to her. Emme admires her, despite the fact she get frustrated about her being her “bodyguard.” (Although she would never admit that she likes that, and that she appreciates how she makes sure she doesn’t kill anyone.) In fact, Emme is in love with Aisia, however, she would never admit that in fear of losing her or making their relationship awkward.
• Emme has nothing against the Rescuers, she approves that they want to help people, but she finds them rather naïve. She’s suspicious of the Merchants Guild, out of a fear that they will turn out like the groups from her home region.
• She has a tendency to caw when she is completely enraged, surprised, or curious.

Second Member Information
Name and Species: Aisia / Natu

Nature: Adamant / Capable of Taking Hits

Ability: Synchronize

Gender: Female


• Stamina: Unlike most others of her species, Aisia’s endurance is above average. Though she prefers to attack from a distance, she could easily hold her own in a physical fight with the use of her steel wing.
• Stealth: Like Emme, she has experience in sneaking around unnoticed. Though her partner is more skilled in this respect, her own ability should not be taken lightly.
• Loyalty: Anyone that earns her respect has Aisia’s undivided loyalty. For her closest friends, she would fight to the death for them. The only thing that would break her devotion would be mind control/possession. This extends to missions as well. A failed mission is on par with a betrayal of trust in her eyes; thus she has a determination never to leave things half finished.
• Extensive Mythological Knowledge: Aisia has a huge repertoire of knowledge surrounding various myths around the world. Her specialty involves the tales involving legendaries.


• Her Beak: Aisia’s most obvious physical handicap is her lower beak. It is completely disfigured. Because of this, she has some limitations. She is unable to use beak attacks. Her food must be mashed in order for her to be able to eat. Lastly, and most importantly, she is completely unable to speak coherently. It is only though the use of her psychic ability that she is able to telepathically communicate with others.
• Slowness: Unlike Emme, she lacks speed, particularly in battle. This could be an issue, since she has trouble with faster opponents. It would be more of an issue if she were faced with a type disadvantage.
• Stubbornness: Aisia never quits when faced with a challenge that’s related to the people she’s loyal to. This can be a positive, however, she will persist with missions even if it would put herself or others in danger. In worse case scenarios, she would even put the ones she cares about in danger… All for the sake of completion.
• Social Awkwardness: Aisia has very little knowledge of societal norms and is plagued by crippling shyness. With her monotone voice, and her tendency for bluntly stating things can rub people the wrong way. She tends to take things literally, and talk down, or even ignore people she has no respect to. Aisia also suffers from severe social phobia. She hyperventilates in large crowds, and avoids them at all cause. Its because of this that her only closest friend is Emme, who despite all this absolutely adores her.

Moves: Psychic / Steel Wing / Ominous Wind / Miracle Eye

Accessories: Charcoal Scarf


• Her use of steel wing suggests that her father is a Skarmory. However, she is able to talk and relate to Unown, and has told Emme that a group of them raised her.
• Aisia is not as self conscious about her beak as one would think. She only wears her scarf (a gift from Emme) because she wants people to judge her for who she is, not because of her disfigurement.
• She comes from the same region as Emme. Since the Murkrow saved her life, she has devoted herself to become Emme’s bodyguard, despite the other’s irritation at this.
• Emme has fascinated Aisia since the first day that they met. The fact that someone (other then an Unown) wants to interact with her, much less be her friend is something she feels she is unworthy of. It is this; along with the debt is the reason that Aisia is so devoted to the Murkrow. She’s fully aware that Emme is gay, but is oblivious to her feelings towards her. Her own preferences are a bit obscured, since attract from both genders doesn’t seem work on her. Aisia refuses to let Emme murder anyone on her rages, no matter how much she would want to in that state.
• Aisia has a tendency to stiffly twitch and cock her head when she is nervous or busy thinking.

Third Member Information

Name and Species: Lehel/Sneasel

Nature: Naive / Highly Curious

Gender: Male


• Speed: Being a sneasel, Lehel possesses a very high speed. He is able to quickly take out a pokemon given that he has the element of surprise. With his speed, he is also effective at scouting.
• Stealth/Thievery: Along with his natural stealth and his background in Slasher's gang, Lehel has a great grasp on sneaking and stealing. Compared to the other members of his team, he is better then Aisia, but not at Emme's level. Emme is training him however, so he should get better with this over time.
• Fast Learner: Lehel has a great passion for learning any new skill. Compared to others in his age range, he can learn things at an accelerated rate. He probably could teach himself if he had the drive and the self-confidence to do so.
• Kindness: Lehel is genuinely a very sweet and honest person, despite the stereotype that the rouges/former gang members have. He treats everyone with the same amount of respect, and does try to help out regardless of affiliation.


• Very low defenses: Lehel is a glass cannon. His strength is fine, and his speed is phenomenal, but he is very susceptible to attacks. He usually tries to dodge most attacks, and for the most part he is successful at it. However, it usually takes one or two hits to faint him.
• Naive: Lehel takes things at face value. He can be much too trusting of others despite his past, which can be problematic at missions. Both Emme and Aisia would need to keep an eye on him.
• Low self-esteem: Lehel doesn't view himself to be all that great. Though he is appreciative of how his teammates respect him, he doesn't feel like he is very deserving of it. Like Aisia, he is much better at hiding his feelings, but though a facade of happiness instead of stoicism. He will never take the lead in a situation, unless it was leading someone though an area he is familiar with. Even then, if a problem rose up, he would handle it by taking orders from someone else.
• Insomnia: Most dark types are nocturnal, but Lehel has trouble sleeping in general. He has very realistic and violent nightmares connected with his time in Slasher's gang. This is most likely connected with PTSD, however, this is so far the only visible symptom of his abuse.

Moves: X-Scissor / Ice Shard / Agility / Pursuit

Accessories: Cream Scarf

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