Lifted Wings Ranch ~ Icarus Picture

Eeeee I love this bab too much :'D
She's absolutely perfect, except for one issue; As of the time of writing this, she's currently recognized as a male in my inventory. I'm working this out with the staff, so no hassle~
I adopted this cutie from Anonymations for free~ and MY GOD, SHE'S GOING TO BE SUCH BESTIES WITH MEG AND UMBRA HHHH--
Okay sorry. Onto the info~! 8D
Pokemon: Zorua/Fennekin/Murkrow cross
Name: Icarus (After a Talonflame I own in Pokemon X, who is named kinda after Icarus from mythology)
Gender: Female
Type: Dark/Fire/Flying
Hatch Date: 12/18/2014
Mother: Rhyme
Father: Sephiroth
ID Number: 21505
Extra: Takes a lot from father, but some from mother; A bold hothead with a bit of an ego to match. Spends most of her time flying with the others.
Level: 15
Starting BA: 12
Current BA: 15
Tail Whip

Breeding Eligibility: Yes; See journal for info! Lifted Wings Ranch Billboard
Level Up Log:
Clutch - 3 levels (Full body, simple bg)
Application - 4 levels (Full body, shading)
The Coming Storm [Week 3] (Story) - 5 levels (1000+ words)
After The Rain Falls (Story) - 3 levels (600+ words)
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