Kid Icarus OC Yukiona, the Goddess of snow and ice Picture

Her name is a contraction of Yuki Onna( [link] ), Japanese for Snow Woman.
She can also be simply referred to as the Snow Goddess.
I've designed this digital version with GIMP, for her dress, much of her hair, & eyes, I've used blender.
Her symbol happens to be the snowflake on the right.
Her residence is a castle made of snow and ice, with a river in front, when she grants one entry, she opens the front door of her castle and forms a bridge made of ice.
She can be very fond of human children.
She can fire cold projectiles from her gloved hands and eyes, and can perform a cold breath attack, also she can create melee weapons out of ice, which can range from swords, to claws to even swinging clubs, she can also create arrows made of ice to help any bow-wielding ally stock up.
Her Snow Goddess status is represented by her brooch and patterned hair.
She appears to be 20 years of age, but being a goddess, it's crystal clear that she's very much older than that.

Ideas for if I can get her into the Kid Icarus franchise:

‣One being that she had the snowmen Pit fought in the design process until the Underworld Army stole her blueprints, resulting in a new breed of Underworld Monster that was born in the coldest parts of the Underworld who lived for some time in those places before heading off.

•Another being that many years ago, the Chaos Kin was targeting her, because she had such a pure soul, fortunately it was caught by the Forces of Nature before any form of harm can be done.
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