Fallen Icarus Picture

The best final piece from my A2 level coursework. Sadly to up the contrast to it's original state I had to crop out the black background it was mounted on so Photoshop would stop trying to contrast it with that. This lost it's sense of scale. I may re-upload this by using the lasso tool to select the area to de-bland and keep in the sense of scale next to the A4 photography coursework (not mine) that was mounted next to it.

I'm very proud of this piece, it's the largest I've ever done (takes up a wall) and all the pencil-work was done with my usual 0.5 mechanical pencil. The wings were made up of ripped up paper and painted with tea bags and acrylic. I also had a lot of fun with the acrylic paint splattering, drooling and stabbing the piece to get the different effects I wanted.

If I were to go back and work on it I'd work into the face more and add more contrast. It looks a little washed out, probably due to my hand resting on it when working on other areas of him. I also had fun making the wings feel a bit like bleeding zombie flesh - which inspired my exam project.

The story of Icarus is a Greek myth about a boy who's own ambitious behaviour and vanity got the better of him. He didn't heed his father's warning and flew too close to the sun where his wings got burnt/the wax melted. He fell into the sea where he drowned.

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