Icarus Picture

The Icarus is a livng weapon of mass destruction.. Nearly unstoppable, when it appears above it's target it folds it's wings and falls. Folded wings close energy networks that release destructive energy against anything that it touches. At this state it becomes effectivly indestructible as any weapin fired against it will be vaporised making contact with the creature. Due to extreme destructive potential they are very rarely summoned to fight. A single creature could potentially destroy a planet or a star, although dying in the process. When not engaged in combad Icarus is in trance and constantly dreams of spreading death and destruction.

Icari come in various sizes and shapes, might draw more of them.

Sometimes they are boarded by other creatures, non-corporeal or nihilistic demons that want to revel in destruction and death.

Obciously they are my own creation, part of this so called my mythology.
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