Icarus Falling Picture

created as a request for ~Waffle-Houdini for being one of the winners in the #Art-School-Students personal improvement meme contest

a fractal manipulation version of Icarus falling cause he got too close to the sun
more on the mythology of Icarus found here [link] (good old wikipedia)

fractal manipulation created using fractals rendered in apophysis and edited together using photoshop
most the fractal shapes used in this are from random batches and the evidence of them can be seen in some of my older works the wing shapes can be found in my fractal stock folder.

broke my usual trend of light on dark again for this one as Icarus flew to close to the sun figured a pale background with a lens flare effect for the sun.
kept some of the edges rough a little cause when soemthing is silhouetted against a bright light source the edges do become a tad indistinct
probably should have used a ref. pic or something but i find i work better straight from my head

Edit: work in progress of this can be found in my scraps

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