The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships Picture

So this is the piece I uploaded a WIP of. I just love this little girly, I'm so proud of her design (not blowing my own trumpet or anything) I was struck by inspiration lightning and I just had to create her.

Her unusual white markings are a result of the tobiano and splash gene fighting. The splash causes the blue eyes, but the tobiano gene is giving her 'goggles' keeping the white from around her eyes. The tobiano is also keeping her socks short and giving her the ermine marks, where as the splash would want them to be higher.

She's called Hesione. I picked it because she was a princess in greek mythology/history who was saved from a dragon by Heracles/Hercules so I thought it tied her parents' names together nicely.
Also in some records, Hesione is the root reason for the start of the Trojan war, hence the title of this deviation
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