Heroes of Society profile: Cerebral Hazard Picture

This character is made from DC Universe Online and these are screenshots from the game. This character and profile is for the group Heroes of Society group.

Name: Nick Demer
Alias: Cerebral Hazard
Species: Human
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 140lbs
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Age: 20

Powers & Abilities: Telepathy, Illusions, telekinesis, flight through telekinesis, hand to hand combat knowledge,

Origins : Nick Demer was a typical and average American teenager genius with a sense of humor. His father is a police officer in Gotham City, his mother works as a computer programmer in Metropolis and his older brother is a crime lawyer in Hub City. Nick recently moved out of his mother’s house and now lives on campus of Metropolis University studying genome therapy. In school, Nick often joked around with his friends that often did not appreciate his intelligence. However, he did not let those so-called friends get to him and spent nights alone, studying and researching telepathy and telekinesis and other possible genomes in the human mind in his apartment. Nick loved the human mind and also admired superheroes that used their intellect to solve problems. Nick thought he could take that one step further: actually using his mind to impose his will on criminals, making illusions and moving objects to stop those who prove too strong for his mind. Incase of physical conflicts, Nick has been taking some self defense classes in his spare time. Three few months after Nick started to find progress in his research he saw a documentary on the death of the Batman on his T.V. Nick admired the world’s greatest detective; the fact that Batman solved mysteries and used his brains inspired Nick to want to be like him. Nick had more respect for Batman and his bat-themed friends to try to replace him. Instead, Nick wanted to live by Batman’s morals, like not using firearms. However, unlike the Dark Knight, Nick decided to solely rely on his brain and intellect instead of gadgets and fear and not wear spandex. Days later, Nick used an experimental device in the genetics lab in Metropolis University’s science wing to grant himself telepathic and telekinetic abilities. After recuperating from his impulsive act and receiving help coping with his new mental powers from a close friend who worked in the genetics lab, Nick took up the all-seeing Eye of Horus of Egyptian mythology as a symbol and became Cerebral Hazard.
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