"My Dear Yuri," Picture

The Ukrainian known as 'Firebird', one of Earth's top heroes in the HEROES/M5 universe, confronts the dark Slavic spirit, the Baba Yaga(or Baba Jaga, as it's sometimes spelled).

Baba Yaga is one of the most dangerous hags on Earth, and the sole way that won't hurt your chances of surviving an encounter in one piece is of upmost politeness. Despite her dark streak, she usually tends to herself and may sometimes even help those who go to great lengths to seek out her wisdom as well as pay proper respects to her power. Eating your children is a threat she can make true when she's in a good mood.

Yuri Volkov has the spirit and power of the mythological Eurasian Firebird coursing through him, not unlike the Mighty Five member/Native American heroine Thunder Bird with her spirit(which is perhaps a subconscious reason for FB and TB's strange bond with one another). However, until recently he was only a conduit who borrowed from her power. Freeing the Firebird from Baba Yaga's prison, as well as defeating the unstoppable Koschei the Deathless, has given the ancient hag much interest in Yuri. The fearless hero has been known to be frank and direct to a fault, in both manners and action, but even he will fold to the Baba Yaga..

..So long as the hag does not threaten those he cares most for.

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