Triton Draco Picture

Anthro eastern dragons are very rare, and all anthro Chinese dragons I've seen are always ugly, because it is very hard to design their anthro form due to their shape. I started to try to draw anthro Chinese dragons many years ago, now, this one is successful.
Inspiration of this work was from a very old Japanese anime play, which was one of my favorite anime when I was just a little kid. The name of the anime play is "Triton of the sea"(you can watch it here: Link), but in China, its name was translated to "Little flying dragon". I think that perhaps because in Chinese mythology, most typical role of dragon is just the Triton. So I had got the idea to design the anthro Chinese dragon - Triton Draco. His image is based on the hero of that anime and my friend Slain Dracon.
The short sword is the hero's most powerful weapon, so do Triton Draco - He can even call tornados by his sword!
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