Dream Lord Picture

Im sleepless, you got me wide awake...
im dreamless, my soul is yours to take..
im haunted, when I look in your eyes..
I want this, and I wont, be denied.


I needed to draw more of my characters, so here you go. Meet Lucid the Fawn.
Lu for short, Lucid is known in myths, but truth be old, she is quite real. Nobody knows if shes a spirt or a being from beyond this universe. In ancient mythology it is said that she has the physical appearence of a young woman (19-20) when she is thousands of years old.

Lucid is known as the Dream Lord for her abilities to minipulate and create dreams. She can either make you fall asleep or keep you awake. She can bring your dreams and nightmares to reality, or while you are asleep to resign your entire dream. If she kills you in your sleep, you die in real life, which sometimes can turn into a sick game for her entertainment.

She is one of the most poweful beings in this dimension, along with the Angles, Demons and her distant cousin, the Time Lords

Lu is on no side, she does as she pleases. It is her desicion to like or dislike you, which is why people who have seen her either call her a hero or a living hell.

Oh, and the nice little link up there is one of her themes. If you dont like nightstep then dont listen otherwise there ya go
I hope you like her
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