Lamia Queen Picture

I'm a huge fan of mythology, and I think I have the Final Fantasy series to blame. This Lamia Queen is in my story, and guards a sacred artifact the heroes need to complete their quest.

The queen is very cunning, able to seduce any man to do her bidding. Because no man can resist a damsel in distress, she often buries her tail in the harsh desert sands and pretends to sink in quicksand while calling for help (The royal Lamias are able to speak the human tongue). And when the hero gets too close...

Let's just say Her Highness is no longer hungry.

The queen is also a tough opponent. Her magic turns friends against one another, and with a loud whistle, two Lamia appear to protect their queen.

This Lamia Queen is property of DoctorEvil06. Do not use without my permission, or she will work her magic on you.
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