TOME: Alpha Picture

Username: Alpha
Location: Unknown, US
Class: Fighter
Power: Mythology
Special Techniques:
Orion Shield - A powerful spinning shield that doubles as a discus attack which can be thrown in a barrage of projectiles.
Vulcan Fist - A charging dash attack in which the user is enveloped in searing flames. Makes for a good finishing move.
Poseidon Wave - A slow, but forceful projectile attack with a wide range, made of high-pressure water.
Zeus Rage - A quick and precise shot of electricity with a long range that can paralyze the opponent if timed right.

Alpha is based on my best friend, Mike Luckas (Ultimate Creature II) who was also one of the original character designers for the series back in 2004. My mistake with writing Alpha's material in the original was that I was too caught between writing him akin to Mike himself, but still trying to force the "goody-two-shoes" lead hero personality, which clashed very bizarrely. There was also his romance with Flamegirl, the dialogue I wrote at the time clearly reflecting how I old I was when creating the original. Alpha DID go through a lot of character development during TvTome Adventures however, but the pacing wasn't quite executed well enough, nor did he reach the end of his character arc since the series was cancelled after its third season.

The current incarnation of Alpha is something I'm very happy with. When developing the personalities of the main five characters, Alpha and Flamegirl I had the most difficulty with. My original idea was keeping him fairly the same, but I felt it would've been far too boring to go that route. When I eventually decided to cast Blake Swift as his new actor (replacing Mike Luckas, who voiced "himself" in the original), the rest fell into place. Alpha is now actually the youngest of the group, maybe only a year younger than Flamey at the most, but this age difference lets him come off as more spiritedly and naive. He's very sweet and maybe a tad awkward. His relationship with Flamegirl in this one shifted a bit, in which case he's very comfortable around her and can speak his mind when feeling vunerable or out-of-place. He also has a bit more of a bro-rivalry with Kirb this time, which makes for some funny moments. As seen in the first episode, after being infected with "Kajet", Alpha's state of mind changes and his confidence comes to the surface. I don't imagine it so much as a split-personality sort of deal, but more like his emotions are unbridled and he can say whatever comes to mind regardless of repercussions, which ends up being a lifesaver to his friends. In terms of design, I brought down his shirt a bit to show less belly, fixed his hair a bit to have the spike over one eye, as well as his long sleeves and scarf, to project that sort of introverted feel to him. I also gave him a feather-tail to match his angel wings (as opposed to the strange lizard-tail). As with the original, Alpha will be going through some major changes in TOME, so look forward to seeing him grow alongside his new-found friends!
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