Mantaar 2013 Picture

I'm back on the artistic ball, and hoping to keep up with weekly updates until year's end. Lingering commissions of mine are being finished, The Kaiju Portraits are slowly returning from hiatus, Brandon Tenold is cooking some choice lobster-shrimp-thing, and older creations of mine are coming back in newer, improved ways.

Yes, I will admit that I have MORE professional coloring work coming in November, along with my attendance at Son of Monsterpalooza on October 11th. But I'm still going full steam ahead, as I feel like I owe you guys (my fans) for the absence, and your long waiting in turn.

And with that said, let's bring back one of my oldest original monster heroes, Mantaar (also known as Mantarr)!

Okay, the term 'hero' is an inaccurate one for this Kaiju of mine, as my original character concept portrayed Mantaar in a more antagonistic light - very much like my two source inspirations for him, Daimajin and Talos. And as such, I'm totally revising Mantaar, in both his design and personality. So what you're about to read below is brand new.

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