Arash Kamangir Picture

In the distant past, the great and civilized country of Iran had people who were full of wisdom and endeavour. The iranian people lived together in peace and happiness.
In north eastern regions neighbouring Iran, the people lived as nomads, moving from camp to camp, and they were called turanians. the king of Turanians was called afrasiab.
Afrasiab called a great army and ordered it to make a suprise attack on the Iranians.
The armies of the enemy reached the border towns and burned the houses and wheat fields, and killed many of defenseless people.
Iranian found a way to peace, they asked for a hero to shoot an arrow which would determine the new boundary of Iran but no one showed up, because every one knew they can't shoot the arrow so far.
Suddenly a man in name of Arash stood up and said I agree to shoot the arrow. He went to Alborz mountaints then he took his bow in hand and with a heart full of faith and hope put the arrow in the notch and drew the bow. He forced his soul in the the arrow and shoot the arrow with his life force.
His glorious force send the arrow far far way which started the empire of Iran (persia). Since then Iranian people celebrate their victory. Wiki : [link]

I finally found some time for my favorite topic, which is of course mythology and history. I actually planned the composition for painting King Dongmyeong of Goguryeo but changed my mind later and changed it to Arash the archer. It took me around 2 hours and a half. I do regret the fact that I don't have the patience to actually finish this properly but I guess overall it's fine.

Farsi آرش کمانگیر
belakhare naghashie arasho tamom kardam, omidvaram am khosheton biad ^^
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