Pako Pohjolasta - Escape from Pohjola Picture

acrylics 2012,
birthday I made for ~Rikuturso.

Painting depicts a scene from Finnish national epic, Kalevala.

In Finnish mythology, the Sampo was a magical artifact (yet of indetermined type) constructed and forged by blacksmith Ilmarinen. It brought good fortune and riches to its holder.
Väinämöinen, Ilmarinen and Lemminkäinen set sail to recover the Sampo. While on their journey they kill a monstrous pike and from its jaw bone the first kantele is made. They arrive in Pohjola and demand a share of the wealth or they will take the whole Sampo by force.
Louhi, the Mistress of the North and the shamanistic matriarch of the people of Pohjola musters her army but Väinämöinen manages to lull to sleep everyone in Pohjola with his music.
The Sampo is taken from its vault of stone and the heroes set out for home. Louhi conjures a great army, turns herself into an eagle and fights for the Sampo. In the battle the Sampo is lost to the sea and destroyed.

This particular scene depicts the Väinämöinen's raiding party with stolen Sampo fleeing from Pohjola.
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