Ting White the kylin Picture

My new character Ting~!XD
*E09ETM asked me to design a girl for her cool char Rock Black the unicorn. well, she's come out.i submited it after asking Leoz's opinions, at first i made her as a goat,(see the original desgin [link] ) but Loez said it's better to make her as a kylin 麒麟 , (one of the sacred beasts from Chinese mythology. some times Chinese Kylin is translated "unicorn" , but they are different animals i think because they aren't look the same =/ ) she likes sacred beasts n Rock the unicorn is sacred beast too~XD that sounds great, so finally she became a Kylin X) (i'v just changed her tail). Thank Leoz for the nice suggestion.


Name: Ting White
Chinese Name: 白 汀 ( 小汀 )
Species: Kylin
Gender: Female
Main Color: Green and yellow
Occupation: Dancer 舞娘~
Abilities: Dancing, singing n musical instruments playing, after all, she's not a fighter
Likes: Dance, music, lotus, summer n beautiful clothes
Dislikes: none
Designed date: December 2006

--------------STORY ABOUT TING

Ting comes from the ancient China at about 1,000 years ago. Thousand years ago, Ting was the best dancer in the capital city, but since the day she fell into a strange lake with incaution, her destiny changed. There was an area of abnormal timespace in the deep water of the lake. A unicorn caught Ting n pull her up from water while she’s struggled. (The hero is Rock!) XD poor Ting had been saved, but to her surprised she found the place over the lake was changed, all scenery was great different from what it ever been. Through Rock’s words, she realized that she’v arrived in the future, the world after thousand years… (oh I know it’s a common story, forgive me It just a short story about how Ting neet Rock. What’s going on? I havn’t think it out yet, use ur imaginations~ X)


Character and art © Sash Ling
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