Amazingly Pointless Characters Picture


Amazing Spiderman 2 didn’t feel so much like a movie as it did Sony refreshing its hold over the Spiderman IP. Despite obvious expense, it’s nothing but a nasty collection of comic book tropes and set-pieces, mashed together and then run through the same cookie-cutter formula the uninspired have been using since Batman Returns: the hero vs. multiple villains.

Looking back over the film; what purpose does the Electro character serve, beyond an excuse to constantly shower the action with sparks and lightning? He shows up by way of the traditional accident, proceeds to add absolutely nothing to the mythology of this current series and then (presumably) dies.
There was no reason for that character to be in that movie!

I don’t think the film-makers were even that sure what the movie was about. To me, it was a story about Peter Parker, Gwen Stacey and Harry Osborn. It should have focused completely on them, building up Harry’s desperation for a cure and resentment/hatred of Spiderman to the point where the murder of Gwen actually had some weight to it. The inclusion of a pointless, irradiated Smurf distracted from that core (and very important) part of the tale, diluting what should have been a tragic twist to the point where it was just another throw-away set-piece that you ultimately just don’t care about.

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